How can I share my Platinum account with parents?

*Please note that parent access is only available if you have purchased home access of Motion Math with your school subscription, through either a "Platinum" account.*

You can print out the PDF at the bottom of this document (there's a Spanish version too) or use the following email template (either way, be sure to add your home access code): 

Subject: Bring delightful math home!

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Motion Math makes visual and interactive games to help students better understand the key foundations of elementary math. We have a Motion Math subscription for school and home use, and invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have access to an iPad, I encourage you to:

Download the following free apps from the iTunes App Store:

Motion Math: Educator

Motion Math: Cupcake Edu

Motion Math: Guppy Edu

Motion Math: Pizza Edu

And then use our six digit home access code to sign in: 

If you need any help, please email


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