What is the student progress dashboard?

The dashboard is a list of each of your students, the last level they played today, and our sense of how they are mastering standards based on game performance (teachers can select different standards including Common Core, TEKS, or other). Click on a column heading to sort, and click on any cell for more information.

The Last Level is a real-time monitor of what your students are working on, showing the game, the level, and a color for their performance on that last level. Last Level allows you to see which students have not yet started playing a Motion Math game (grey), which ones are playing too tough a level (red), and which ones could be encouraged to try a more challenging game or level (green).

The cells show our approximation of each students’ mastery based on a moving average of gameplay. You can click on a column heading to get a short verbal summary of that strand or on a colored cell to about the data that led to that master approximation.


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