It doesn’t seem like my in-app purchase was successful.

This often happens because you're on a new device or because some part of the game are still "locked." 

If your in-app purchase isn’t showing up on another device, just use your same username to make the same purchase on the new device. You will not be charged twice. When you try to buy the levels again, you’ll see this alert: “You already purchased All Levels. Download again?” Say “Yes”. 

If you've made a purchase in Zoom, you will see the level icons become locks (before your in-app purchase they will look like little presents.) Why? Because players in Zoom can only unlock more difficult levels by succeeding in earlier levels, just as in games such as Angry Birds.  If learners complete earlier levels quickly, later levels get unlocked. We wanted to make sure that, for example, learners didn’t jump into practicing thousandths before they had mastered tenths! 

If you've made a purchase in Wings, the clouds above the islands you purchased will disappear. Just touch a nearby island to start flying toward it.

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